About Us

Solatricity: more power to you

Founded in 2012, Solatricity originates from a successful solar system business in the UK which started operating in 2009. Using this as a catalyst, we have exported its proven models and valuable expertise to help customers in India extract maximum benefits from solar’s exciting potential.

Solatricity is your turnkey solar partner in India. Behind the name is a dedicated team of industry professionals with expertise that extends to every area. We develop, finance, construct and operate small to medium sized solar generation systems (mounted on rooftops, carports and the ground) for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Project Funding Assurance

All the equity capital needed for the engineering, procurement and construction of each solar array facility is assured from our managed funds.

Projects are fully funded and earn revenue from the sale of energy to host site owners through long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Under the Agreement, each host partner agrees to buy the energy produced at a lower price than the combined prevailing rate billed by the local DISCOM & diesel gen-set costs. This reduced rate also rises much more gradually over time compared to the local rate, providing rapidly compounding savings and price risk mitigation over the term of the PPA.

Our core principles

Progressive thinking:

Harnessing the sun’s energy in the best ways to make the most of this clean, renewable resource.

Rewarding customers:

Delivering attractive financially-sound models to ensure our customers make significant financial savings.

Close partnerships and viable networks:

Creating inroads into all areas of the energy industry and creating partnerships with key suppliers to encourage better opportunities for our customers.

Focused on excellence:

Working hard to achieve excellent results, recognising hard work and achievement in our staff and not compromising on our high standards.

Environmentally committed:

CSRs, always striving to mitigate our impact on the Earth.