Why Solar?

Industrial electricity tariffs have risen on average by 11% each year

Diesel prices have also grown on an average of 10% CAGR.

However, with solar generated electricity, price rises are more gradual and predictable.
Coupled with this, interruptions in power supply which often occur across many parts of India makes a solar system a more sensible, secure and viable alternative.

Increase the value of your building

As well as gaining energy bill savings, with a solar system installation your building and asset portfolio is more marketable. Eco-efficient buildings sell and lease much quicker and attract higher prices.

Green buildings (with attributes such as on-site solar power) have

lower vacancy rates and higher rental rates

(Source: Richard Ellis study 2009 of 154 buildings under management)

Be seen as being green

Furthermore, generating solar energy helps to meet your corporate social responsibility

requirements, as well as help you market your business as a leader of your industry in actively reducing carbon.

A single 100 kW system will

save 2000 tonnes of CO2

over its useful lifetime.


Typical Projects and Savings

At Solatricity we typically install systems from 50 kW to MW capacity.

A roof area of 900 square meters provides enough space to install a 100 kW solar generator.

With the Solatricity PPA, just each MW of solar we install can provide Rs 40 crore savings over the system’s lifetime.

When you add multiples of solar systems to your portfolio the savings add up – in the region of the 100s and 1000s of crores.

The system is provided entirely at the cost of Solatricity, and no CAPEX and OPEX charged to you.

In all, a totally risk free opportunity to gain real cost savings and advantages from harnessing the everlasting energy of the sun.